Pondering over the Writing Challenge

For tomorrow’s seminar with my life writing lecturer we had to think about in advance three things to write about for specific topics. These were: A Rant, A Cultural Artefact and What song do you want played at your funeral?  Personally I cringed at the funeral one as I do not like to think about death and have not really thought about my own or my funeral. Therefore being perfectly honest I am really struggling with this one. Most of the songs that I listen to at the moment are not appropriate and are more suited to singing or dancing along to on a night out, not whilst mourning my passing. At the age of nineteen I would not say my music taste is limited but I don’t have a ‘funeral’ playlist on my IPod and I do not listen to a song and think “Oh that would be lovely at my funeral.” Besides, I always thought if you had not stated in your will then family members will choose for you. But then I wondered what someone else would pick for me. Would they pick something slow and depressing, or a real up beat song to remember all the good times they shared with me?  At one point I was tempted to text some of my friends and ask this question but then changed my mind. However, this does not solve my problem. I don’t think blasting out Iggy Azalea or Beyoncé at my funeral would be ideal however amusing it sounds to others as I’m trying to think about a serious answer. Maybe I am over thinking it too much to really answer the question? So for the time being I’m going to leave this one and probably end up choosing a random song at the last minute.

The Rant topic I did not have a problem with as there are many things in the world to rant about and I do rant a lot, however when asked to think of something to particularly rant about…I suddenly developed a blank mind. A couple of things went through my head like the weather and the lateness of trains but they all seemed a bit basic. I’m was hoping to pick something a bit more personal rather than generic things to rant about. Yet again, this is one I’ll have to come back too.

Finally, the third topic Cultural Artefacts. Now my lecturer said it could be anything so this obviously made the choices a bit more broader – whether this is a good thing or not I don’t know. According to Wikipedia Cultural Artefacts can “provide knowledge about technological processes, economy and social makeup, and a host of other subjects.” This is pretty much going to be anything then including a pen as that allowed man to write.

So for now, I’ve probably completed one out of the three tasks easily, the other two I will sit and ponder over some more.


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