A Rant – Writing Challenge

In my previous post I discussed (more like despaired) over the writing challenge I had been set for my seminar class. For all those who missed this post you can see it below this one but I basically had to do three pieces of writing: A Rant, A Cultural Artefact and A song I would like played at my Funeral. I was pretty much stuck on all three and spent longer than I really needed to choosing my topic/subject for each. In the end I only did two out of the three and read out one which received some very helpful constructive criticism – after all what are lecturer’s for?

Therefore, after all this I decided I might as well post the one that I actually read out with the changes that my lecturer suggested in the seminar. So I give you all my rant…

A Rant

Isn’t it lovely when you are trying to watch your favourite program or read one of your books and someone is talking to you at the same time and you are just trying to concentrate but you can’t. This has been happening to me quite recently and to top it all off on a daily basis as well. Teeth grinding alert! Whilst on a Saturday night watching X Factor my dad decides it’s a good idea to sit throughout the entire show saying how shit it is and why am I watching such crap for the entire hour that it is on. Now, some people might think there’s nothing wrong with that but let me tell you, if someone was saying how shit your TV show was – whether it be X Factor or not – I’m quite sure you would be unhappy as well. It is rude and quite frankly it put me off watching as I could not even hear half of what was being said (or sung) anyways over the moaning in the background. To top it off, when I did it back out of revenge when my dad’s program was on he did not like it one bit!

Another example is when I was reading a book or the newspaper and I’m being constantly asked questions or talked too as if I am part of the conversation 100%. So in reply to the background noise I make a couple of appropriate hums at the right time to make it look like I’m listening but really I’m not. This should be a subtle hint but it never works so I have to resort to saying “I’m watching this right now” or “I’m reading at the moment.” However, once this has been said there IS a moment of peace before the talking starts up again! So what do you do when the person is not getting the message? You either give up, carry on or find some polite way to say shut up. Anything just so you can read or watch what you want without someone’s voice droning on in the background. So, to all those who have suffered the same problem as me, don’t worry, I sympathise.


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