Life Writing Portfolio Reflection

The reason for my absence in posting was due to my Life Writing Portfolio assignment which I want to briefly reflect on. I’ve never really dabbled in life writing always preferring to write fiction therefore this module was particularly challenging as we discussed techniques writers used for this genre of writing – mostly truth and memory. My portfolio requirements meant I had to write about an aspect of my life, something I had attempted once during my teenager years and ultimately failed. The second part was to either construct a piece of travel writing or an opposite-editorial (the latter I chose) and finally a reflective commentary on both pieces. It’s safe to say this took up a lot of my time and I spent many hours reading, tweaking, reediting and crying over my work for nearly two months. I found talking about my life difficult especially as I included very emotional and personal details that ultimately required me to keep on writing even though I had tears running down my cheeks. But I suppose that’s the whole point of writing. You challenge yourself. You try something you have never done before and step outside your comfort zone. Even though I was finding it difficult I could not stop. Sometimes I just had to take a step back and breathe before my emotions got the better of me. More often I would avoid looking at it for days before finally going back to it. It was a love-hate process. A process I’ve learnt a lot from and hopefully all the skills and techniques I’ve learnt will assist me in my Creative Writing module which is next!

Has anyone else ever had to write something they found mentally/emotionally challenging and demanding?

Let me know!


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