Creative Writing Portfolio

Getting a bit stressed because my Creative Writing Portfolio has to be in for May and I’ve hardly started it. There is loads to do as well including a list of requirements. Attempting to do this portfolio is hard when you are not feeling creative one bit, especially when you have the extra pressure of a time limit. The requirement includes writing a short story of 2,500 words and I have not got a clue what to do it on. I am toying with the idea of rewriting one of my A Level pieces but unsure if this is a dangerous path to go down. With regards to poetry, I have never really dabbled in writing my own preferring to just read others. I have no problem doing free verse, but as soon as I am set with forms such as sonnets and haiku’s. I panic. Poetry with forms and rhyming schemes do not come naturally to me which is probably why I’m more of a prose writer. The rule to have stressed, unstressed syllables drives me insane and I end up more focused on the rhyme rather than what I am trying to say. To say I am panicking about this assignment is an understatement. Add to the fact I have to do several commentaries on each piece. To make this worse, I have another assignment for my other module due for the same day as this one. Switching between two assignments is crazy!  I hope I can just clear my head and in the Easter break, get my head down and just bash these assignments out.


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