The Last Week of Teen

So this time next week I’ll be waving goodbye to be teenage years as I turn twenty. I’m a little bit apprehensive and scared. You spend half your time when your young wishing you was older and then the rest wishing you were young again. I don’t think turning twenty will change me. I’m still immature, sensitive and lacking confidence in myself and my writing. The world still seems daunting and I still have no idea what my life plan is (apart from my Plan B which is to teach college students). I still think my writing is shit, but maybe I should give myself some credit that it has improved over the years – I hope. Life seems to go by so fast. It only feels like yesterday I was ecstatic at turning eighteen and being able to legally drink and go party. It all seems a bit overrated now. Nevertheless, I will be going out with my friends and dancing the night away regardless and definitely not acting my new age!

Life is short, enjoy it while you can.




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