Short story draft!

Really rough draft of the short story I’m trying to write. Any feedback is appreciated!

She continued to watch as he and the woman that were for now, in bliss and smiled knowing that it would not last.  Not while she was still around, lurking and waiting for her opportunity. She could be patient when she wanted to be and this was no exception. Reaching into her bag she retrieved her phone and called him, enjoying how she had interrupted their moment. A look of panic that crossed his face whilst looking at the caller ID. 

She scowled when he rejected her call. Bringing up a blank screen her fingers flew over the buttons as she typed out the message she wanted him to read. She smiled as she pressed send. Betraying her by leaving was a bad choice, but by coupling up with this new girl was the worst move he could have made.  If that’s the way he wanted to play it. Now he had found himself a new girlfriend, they were both her targets now.



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