A rough flashback I’m thinking of including to show the build up to the breakdown of their relationship.


3 months ago

‘Stay with me tonight.’ She pleaded with doe eyes and pouty lips.
‘I can’t. You know me and the guys have had this night out planned for a few days now.’
‘Where are you going?’ She asked suspiciously. She didn’t like it when he left her alone. She wanted him all to herself, just the way she liked it.
‘Don’t know yet…go to the pub I suppose’ He shrugged. His phoned vibrated in his jean pocket and he began texting back.
‘Who’s texting you?’
‘Just Matt.’
After a pause and watching him text she tried again.
‘I’ll come with you.’
‘Babe its boy’s night. No girlfriends are coming.’
‘What time are you going to be back then?’
‘What’s with all the questions? Look I’ll be back late, don’t worry so much.’ He kissed her quickly on her head ignoring her scowl and left. The door shutting seemed louder to her ears and she was enveloped by silence.

She tried to watch T.V but couldn’t relax. She chewed on her nails, and then her foot started tapping incessantly before she resorted to pacing. Her thumb pressing the redial button over and over until the numbers blurred. As the night wore on, her jaw ached from grinding teeth and her palms hurt from imbedded nail impressions. Left to seethe until she threw her glass against the wall, red splattering the cream paint like an explosion of blood. Shards scattered across the floor. The room became dark but she didn’t move to switch the light on.

In the early hours of the morning, the door opened and he trudged in. Her eyes had become accustomed to the dark and she could see him fumbling for the switch. Light flooded the room and she squinted.


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