Story Draft

Potentially the beginning of my short story! Very rough draft.

She sat waiting patiently. Dark shades adorned her face, hiding her icy blue eyes as she scanned the street looking for him. She knew he would come, eventually. His schedule drummed into her mind. Unashamedly, she had been following him for days. She tracked his movements which he made stupidly easy as he was prone to updating his Facebook with his location tagged alerting her to his whereabouts. She knew his alarm went off at half past seven every morning but he would not tumble out of bed until eight preferring to be burrowed amongst the sheets. Costa Coffee would be his first stop on his way to work. That’s why she was sat right opposite the red and white sign. It amused her how he still went to the place where they first met. She wondered if the sofa in the corner reminded him of how they used to meet up for drinks and early morning kisses. Fond memories that were now tainted all because he left her. The bastard. His face taunted her every day. That smile that had made her fall so hard and fast. She had to see that smile every day. His picture was on her phone, on the walls and in the silver frame that he gave her as birthday present.  


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