So my deadline to submit my dissertation proposal is June 16th and I still have not made a decision on what I’m going to write 8,000/9,000 words on. I’ve had a couple of vague ideas running around my head but nothing is getting me really excited to start researching it. I’m trying not to get … More Dissertation


So bit of a different post today. A couple of days ago I was just messing around on Twitter and saw the tag #YesAllWomen. Not thinking much of it I didn’t click to see what it was about until I came across the article concerning the man who had posted a video online ranting about … More #YesAllWomen

Final Cento

This is the final version I submitted for my portfolio. I must have moved this around about 7 times as well. The lines are quotes from the OED with the original words in bold. Violent Passions [1] The intense tranquillity of silent hills more than silent sky;The lands lie rolling, like a body of water … More Final Cento

Final Haiku

These are my final drafts I submitted in my portfolio. After writing over 20 of these, I am happy with my final four. I also reached over 100 followers on this blog, thanks to everyone who reads/comments/likes my posts! Footprint Sinking into sand, Lonely imbedded footprint; The tide crashes in. Downpour Droplets fall off leaves, … More Final Haiku

Final Sonnet

This is my final draft that I submitted in my portfolio. I’m still not happy with it but after changing it seven times I had given up. At least I tried. No one can say I did not put any effort into my writing. Reunite? My worried mind betrays uncertain faceOn the road you cover … More Final Sonnet


Today I finally submitted all my assignments a day early, WAHEY! That includes my Creative Writing Portfolio which I have been stressing over the last few days. Thanks to everyone who liked/read the drafts I posted up on here it means a lot! I’m tempted to post up my final version of everything if anyone … More Submitted!