So today I had a tutorial with my poetry lecturer to look over my haikus, sonnet and cento before the deadline next week. It wasn’t too bad, I was expecting worse! He said my stuff was not bad and some of it was good or off to a good start. The one that needs the most work is (surprise surprise) my sonnet. He said it’s not terrible and I’ve got some nice stuff in but he thought the sonnet was confusing and he wasn’t sure where it was going. He also said my lines seem very ‘stop then start’ as he could tell I was stressing over rhyme and the iambic pentameter which apparently is not as important as the content at the moment. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board on that one!

In other news I saw my prose lecturer last minute who agreed to look at my rough draft of the story I’ve been working on (see previous posts for snippets). Good news – he liked it! He gave me tips and basically told me I just have to go through it with a fine comb as they say and remove things that don’t work. Hopefully I will pass this portfolio after all!



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