A poem made up of lines from a section of a novel. The rule is to choose a novel, pick a section and select 10 words from the passage you find interesting or do not understand. Put the word into the OED and select the quotation you think is the most fascinating. My chosen text is: Wuthering Heights, Chapter 9. The words in bold are what I have chosen from the section of WH.

They triumph clamorously; unmerciful
men of passionate temper rush into
Thawless unmelting obstinacy;
The intense tranquillity of silent hills more than silent sky;
Low thunders bring the mellow rain,
Fierce air and violent light,
The lands lie rolling, like a body of water in gentle agitation
Her righteous wrath was too deep for upbraidings,
Both, like sinners caught, Blushed.
Who need this tart expostulation.


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