Final Sonnet

This is my final draft that I submitted in my portfolio. I’m still not happy with it but after changing it seven times I had given up. At least I tried. No one can say I did not put any effort into my writing.


My worried mind betrays uncertain face
On the road you cover a hundred miles
Travelling to an unfamiliar place
Worth the cost of petrol? To see those smiles
Month of separation, reunited
A shy smile, the promise of awkward dates 
Fewer kisses. My love uninvited? 
Are we destined to be no more than mates?
Has this distance begun to take its toll?
The timely death of your Valentine’s rose
Give me a sign that love can keep us whole
Petals fall as my anxiety grows
‘Do you still want me?’ A lie or the truth?
Lines on forehead, a sign of wasted youth.


2 thoughts on “Final Sonnet

  1. I have written hundred of sonnets in my time as a writer & I think this poem is wonderful. It tells a story and there is an underlying emotion of uncertainty that I felt deeply. Good work I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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