Final Cento

This is the final version I submitted for my portfolio. I must have moved this around about 7 times as well. The lines are quotes from the OED with the original words in bold.

Violent Passions [1]

The intense tranquillity of silent hills more than silent sky;
The lands lie rolling, like a body of water in gentle agitation
Low thunders bring the mellow rain,
Fierce air and violent light,
They triumph clamorously; unmerciful
men of passionate temper rush into
Her righteous wrath
Thawless, unmelting obstinacy;
Both, like sinners caught, Blushed
Who need this tart expostulation.

[1] Bold words taken from – Brontë, Emily  ‘Wuthering Heights’ 1847 [online] Available at: [Accessed: 14th April 2014]


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