So bit of a different post today. A couple of days ago I was just messing around on Twitter and saw the tag #YesAllWomen. Not thinking much of it I didn’t click to see what it was about until I came across the article concerning the man who had posted a video online ranting about his anger towards girls who had rejected him before shooting/injuring several people (not just women). Yes, he was suffering from a mental illness HOWEVER, the point of this trending hash tag was towards the comments this young man made against women. It was as if he thought these girls owed him their affection and their bodies. It is a shame that he did not get the help he needed before all this had happened. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time a man has become violent over women and attacked them and others. This article led me back to Twitter where even now the hash tag #YesAllWomen is STILL trending. I urge you to go and read these tweets. The majority of them will open your eyes to the suffering women face everyday – verbal, non-verbal abuse, harassment, sexual harassment, sexist comments. The list goes on. The worse being that ‘Women asked to be raped’ just sickens me. Or that after the event the woman is asked if they were drunk, what they were wearing and if they provoked it. It’s such a shame in 2014 we still have to face this. I recognised from these tweets that even I have experienced sexism and everyday live in fear. Just the other day I was walking to the train station. To do this I have to go under a tunnel/under pass. I had my handbag on one arm and my other was pulling a suitcase. Usually I don’t mind walking there on my own and even though it was in the middle of the day, the sight of a group of guys hanging around inside the tunnel made me nervous and anxious. To the point I made sure I walked on the opposite side so I didn’t have to pass them so closely. It’s things like this that are a consequence of SOME men’s actions. Not ALL of them. Just a small minority. The hash tag is not an attack on men. It’s a stand for women who have felt victimised.  For women who are scared to call themselves Feminists because they create an image of lesbian women, or women who hate men. I would class myself as a feminist in some respect. I think we should have equal pay. I don’t see the point in having to make it clear someone is a woman i.e ‘Female Doctor’, ‘Female Director’ or these silly comments such as ‘Wow you do it just as good as a man’.

Again, this is not an attack on men. It’s a chance for women to finally speak up when they couldn’t. I have an amazing boyfriend who I have been with for four years and we are equals who treat each other with respect. I can say no without having to feel like there is a need to apologise or explain why.

I encourage both women AND men to look at some of these tweets. They are truly eye-opening and reveal some of the terrible things women must deal with everyday. I’m not attacking men just agreeing with the majority of the tweets. Also I know by doing this posts I will probably receive some comments who disagree. That’s fine. I’m not afraid whereas thousands of women are. And that is what needs to change.




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