Blue Jeans

I remember when I first saw you, wearing those faded blue jeans I came to love so much. Frayed at the ends just like you. You were no means the devil but you were definitely no saint. I don’t know why you paid me attention that night. I wasn’t wearing anything special. Just that white … More Blue Jeans

Too Young

They say I’m too young to love you,that your heart lies with money and your cigarettes,a white line breathed in off the deska naïve and innocent mind they call meanother one for corruption, no longer sweetthose others bitches who say they want youI’m willing to compete.


The words tumble outUgly and Negative. They match your sniffleand watery eyes that seem to squeeze out an endless flow of sadness.Your hunched up shouldersand sluggish feet carry you from the roomback to that chair. Aren’t you tired of sitting alone?


Hey guys! I finally got my feedback today on my Creative Writing Portfolio and my Literary Linguistics essay. I’m pleased to say I achieved a 2.1 on BOTH assignments. I’m so happy especially about my portfolio and I was massively stressed out and kept redoing all my work. My lecturer liked my sonnet and my … More Feedback!