Writing Goals 2014

At the beginning of the year I set myself a (very) small list of writing goals I wanted to (try) and achieve. Ever since I started my A-Levels and then eventually moved onto university my own writing had taken a bit of a back seat. So to try and get my own writing mojo back I was determined to at least complete some of my set goals. 

How it stands so far:

  • Start a blog
  • Write more poetry
  • Read a book that gives writing tips/advice
  • Finish off that story that’s been in progress for four years
  • Start a new project however small

It’s not gone too badly but it seems as if I have still not completed the more bigger projects. Maybe due to laziness or my procrastination game is very strong at the moment. Every time I think of my unfinished work I do feel guilty so maybe it will spur me on to FINALLY finish that piece of writing instead of letting it gather dust half finished. I might even add to the list of goals.

Does anybody else set themselves writing goals/tasks for the year/month? If so, do you find they work or motivate you?



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