From all the pressure; I burst an endless flow of tearsand a bag full of tissues that come in handy a sympathetic look ‘it’s okay’


Sinking into soft cotton sheets,the lilac duvet underneath my cheek,white flowers beside my eye,a plucked daisy in my left hand; twirled.  Bare feet on the uncut grass,that short polka dress with the top knot hair,the pink bug eyed shadesand those white tan lines. 


Your sun kissed skin smells of 50 sun blockand those ice cubes have long since meltedin the summer heat,and the ginger cat from next door rollson the overgrown grassand daisies. 

Reading List

My reading list for Literature and Psychology starting in September. Has anyone else read these books? I found ‘Turn of the Screw’ very interesting but also ambiguous! Henry James – The Turn of the Screw Henry James – The Aspern Papers Fyodor Dostoevsky – Crime and Punishment Charlotte Perkins Gillman –The Yellow Wallpaper and other Writings. … More Reading List


‘You got a lighter?’ He asked with a smirk already knowing she didn’t. ‘I don’t smoke.’ She replied stiffly. ‘Not even tried it?’ She shook her head. She had never been one for trying what other teenagers did her age. Drugs, smoking or under age sex. ‘So innocent.’ He teased, a lone finger trailing down the side … More Innocent