‘You got a lighter?’ He asked with a smirk already knowing she didn’t.

‘I don’t smoke.’ She replied stiffly.

‘Not even tried it?’

She shook her head. She had never been one for trying what other teenagers did her age. Drugs, smoking or under age sex.

‘So innocent.’ He teased, a lone finger trailing down the side of her blushing cheek. She was caught between batting his hand away and leaning in for more of his touch. The boy who would corrupt her so easily.

‘I should be going.’ She said quietly.

He leaned in closer, ‘Why? You should stay a bit longer. Relax. Have another drink.’

‘No thank you. I should find my friend.’ She was timid in his presence and he gave her a lazy smile.

‘She’s a bit busy at the moment.’ His eyes glinted and she shrunk under his gaze.

‘Why?’ She asked confused.

‘She’s fucking my best friend.’ He said bluntly and she gasped.

He laughed harshly at her shocked expression, ‘Oh honey, she’s not as sweet as you think she is.’

She glared at him suddenly feeling angry, ‘Shut up.’

He leaned in closer, ‘Just telling you the truth.’

‘Your a liar.’ She snapped.

He raised an eyebrow at her accusation. ‘I’m anything but that. I think you’ll find I’m very honest.’

She waved him off, ‘Whatever.’

‘Fine. Go and see for yourself,’ He dared.

‘She wouldn’t do that. She’s not like that. We aren’t like that.’ She protested.

‘Maybe she wasn’t once. It’s interesting how you believe her so easily.’

‘I’d believe her over you any day.’

‘I don’t doubt that. After all, your still innocent baby.’ He paused and looked at her. ‘I wonder how long that will last.’

The kiss he planted on her burning cheek before he sauntered away was definitely a promise that while he was around, she would not be innocent for long.


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