I felt relief when it washed over me like a gentle wave I felt relief when my heart no longer ached I felt relief when I stopped holding my breath I felt relief when my stomach untied itself I felt relief in the corners of my smile I felt relief when I no longer had to worry … More Relief

Tangled Web

That tangled web you weave of all your woes and lies makes me want to leave and cut all ties. How dare you sit and grieve whilst watching others cry sitting there so naive when she has passed by.


The sickness in my stomach and the ache in my heart when I see you laugh with others, are they more fun than me?

A Tree

‘Don’t give up. You know you can do this.’ She tells me for the second time that day. I give her a small smile in return knowing she is trying so hard to keep me motivated. To stop me from panicking like I had earlier to the point where I just wanted to quit and … More A Tree

Freaking out!

Just had a major freak out. I go back to university to start my third and final year at the end of this month and I feel so unprepared for my upcoming modules! Before i broke up for the summer I had it all planned. I was going to get a good start on my … More Freaking out!

For You

Don’t give up my darlingi know you don’t think I understandbut I am here and I can seethe pain that tries to consume youand you fight so hard my darlingand i’m so proud to have someone as strong and as brave as youin this hard life. For you, are my everything.