Freaking out!

Just had a major freak out. I go back to university to start my third and final year at the end of this month and I feel so unprepared for my upcoming modules! Before i broke up for the summer I had it all planned. I was going to get a good start on my dissertation, research and get all my books whilst also preparing for my other modules by reading in advance all their books. 

It has not happened!

I’ve barely done anything for my dissertation (except obsess over the fact that I made the wrong decision to do it) and I’m only halfway through the reading list for my first module of semester 1. Granted, I am a fast reader and after reading the books I’m going to Google chapter summaries just to make sure I understood the novels completely but I feel like I’m already off to a bad start for my third year and I haven’t even gone back yet! 

It’s just so much has got in the way! I’ve been so busy at work that I’ve been doing extra days to keep up so that has obviously eaten into my free time. I wanted to relax as well after having a second stressful year so I had quite a bit of downtime by finally getting to read books I’ve wanted too (The Fault in Our Stars for example), socialising with friends I haven’t seen for ages and spending time with my boyfriend. I’ve been bogged down with rehearsals from drama club as well and it just seems that this summer has just gone by so fast that I haven’t had chance to sit down and do anything! 

Luckily I’m back to working only two days a week and my show went really well so I’m not having to go to rehearsals three nights a week but now I have less than a month to do everything for university and I’m just panicking which i know isn’t good but I seem to panic first and think logically later on. 

Hopefully, I can get my head screwed on, stop panicking and get my head buried in these books! 

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Freaking out!

    1. Not as much as I was before! I’m slowly but surely getting through my reading list and I should be done by the time I start fingers crossed! It’s my dissertation I’ve really neglected! I’m having a good week though, hope you are too! 🙂

  1. I know i’m hoping once i’ve settled into my new routine at uni it will be easier to get motivated instead of being distracted! I’m sure there will be future posts of me ranting or panicking over it in the future! 🙂

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