When real life kicks in….

There is one culprit that ALWAYS keeps me away from writing time and time again. Real life. As a university student, around November is when everything seems to kick off. It’s all nice and quiet and your happily plodding along then BAM! Assignments, essays, scripts and all things imaginable arrive at the same time. Deadlines are assigned for the same date and suddenly writing is the last thing on my mind which is why I have not being posting regularly.

Add that to the fact I have a job, family, friends and a boyfriend to see, it all becomes a bit crazy to the point that I am having to work over Christmas and New Year just to get all my assignments completed. Fun. 

However, even after the deadline date it’s going to get worse. I have one word that will sum up all my stress and fear. Dissertation. 

And that ladies and gentleman, is the bane of my life at the moment and why I have not been posting even though I miss it very much!


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