Update: What is going on!?

*peeks from behind a pillow*

Hi guys! Please don’t throw things at me! It’s been over a MONTH since I posted and I’m just going to blame my university and deadlines for that! I’m two weeks away from finishing (omg what?) and hopefully graduating with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing. It’s gone so quick! I’m now just finishing off a Fantastic Story – Google Todorov if your not sure what that is – and my dissertation on Charlotte Bronte. Fingers crossed, it’s going all good at the moment. I’m just at the very annoying stage of editing and reading my work through constantly, which gets very boring!

In the meantime, I managed to take a break and have a bit of a life as I turned 21 last week! Literally time is going by so quick, it’s like I’ve blinked and the years are all blurring together!

Hopefully, when everything is done I can get back to a more regular schedule of posting AT LEAST once a week!

Much love and kisses!



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