It’s official!


Well there you have it, I’m officially an English graduate! These past three years have gone so quick but I can’t believe that I’ve actually done it. My graduation ceremony is not until the beginning of September so I have the rest of the summer break to wait to throw my hat into the air! It isn’t ending here though. I must be mad but I’m going to do a post-graduate course at university. I’m looking at doing a PGCE PCET (Post Compulsory Education and Training) qualification to teach in the further education sector. For those who are unsure what that is, I’m looking to teach English A Level to 16-18 year olds at college or sixth form schools including for those who never obtained a GCSE C or above. I will also be potentially teaching adults as well. I’m excited but obviously nervous as well. It’s going to be an intense year as I’m at university two days a week and placement for three days a week. At the moment I’m still working full time which is why I have neglected my blog for so long and my creativity has waned. I’m finishing next month before I start the course to give myself some relaxing down time and to obviously prepare. The summer is rubbish in the UK so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on the summer too much whilst I’m working if it’s raining everyday but hopefully it will perk up by the time I finish!

Looking to be posting again soon!



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