I hope one day that my stomach won’t flip when you send your smile my way. That my heart will not skip that beat every time I see your face. With every vibration and ping, I’ll stop wishing it was you. Those butterflies in my stomach need to be murdered so that I don’t feel sick every time … More Hope

Next Victim

Honey, you got me good. So good. Bravo. If only you knew how close you were. You could have had it all. I teetered on the edge and nearly fell into your realm. I think I knew all along. My instincts had been screaming for a while. Fate is a funny thing isn’t it? How it … More Next Victim

Play Pretend

I hate you for what you’ve done to me. What I’ve turned into. This persistence desire. This never ending fire. The withdrawal too painful. An endless torture. Day in. Day out. Morning and night I burn up. I sweat and cry out. Begging for relief that only you can give me. But you left me. … More Play Pretend


We are such fools in lust reliving our moment where temptation overcame reason my rational angel left the building that night where your hands upon my skin set me alight and left me burning aching for you, this endless torture where those lonely nights under the sheets I long for your touch and those mornings where … More Lustful

Game for Two

Round one: I’m armed and ready no armour more solid than mine thrown into the game I no longer want to play, my heavy heart laced with steel and unfinished stitches you leave a space unfilled this distance in physical form I suddenly feel stupid I want my time back ‘babes’ Round two: You aim … More Game for Two

Puppet Master

You kept me hanging on a string pulling and tugging I your puppet, you the puppeteer but I played that part so well no need to pull hard, the naive Pinocchio. Now the fun is all over, your fascination waned and the game is no longer one you want to play with such an old toy, … More Puppet Master

The Bottom

Oh how the tables have turned my dear, I laugh at all the time I wasted on you all the things I gave of me my smile, my laugh, my kisses and my body I let you use me my darling for your amusement, your pleasure and that attention you so craved, I wanted it … More The Bottom


If you asked me my middle name, I would answer with Regret. But not for what you think. Regret for all the things I’ve done. Yes, of course. Regret for all the things I haven’t done. Definitely. What about all the things I wished I had done? Absolutely. The opportunity has slipped through my fingers. I let … More Regret

Real Thing

When you ask me for the ‘real thing’ I become the expert at avoidance You want to charge at me as I tease you with that colour red. There is no price on your offer how can I refuse such a bargain?