The Bottom

Oh how the tables have turned my dear,
I laugh at all the time I wasted on you
all the things I gave of me
my smile, my laugh, my kisses and my body
I let you use me my darling
for your amusement, your pleasure and that attention
you so craved,
I wanted it too.
I basked in the affection you gave me
and I never wanted it to end
I wallow for all the things I never said
and shake my head at all the things I did,
those thoughts those words
should never have escaped my brain and
tumbled out of my mouth
blooming like flowers.
A cold shower cleared my senses and
when I was left behind with the remains
of our lust and temptation
I saw you for who you really are
and I was unable to see myself no more,
what was left of me
at the bottom of your list babe
where all those before me
wait for their turn as I skipped to the front
before tumbling from the top
of your priorities.


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