Game for Two

Round one: I’m armed and ready
no armour more solid than mine
thrown into the game
I no longer want to play,
my heavy heart laced with steel
and unfinished stitches
you leave a space unfilled
this distance in physical form
I suddenly feel stupid
I want my time back ‘babes’

Round two: You aim and hit me
a dent now formed
the chink in one’s armour
that smile now cracked and
that awkward laugh.
Stumbling and falling right for it
again and again ‘babes’
a long way to fall for such a pretty boy
with a wandering eye
and roaming hands

Round three: My retaliation
I fall into that trap
you always get what you want ‘babes’
the corner of your mouth
that soft spot I kissed
and your voice laced with lust
as quick as you catch me
the quicker you let go
I enter that dark tunnel
Am I boring you?

Final round: The final showdown
Your amusement at my drunken truths
leaves me feeling small
the inner thoughts no longer my own
your teasing tone does not match
how you begin to stray
opposite you waiting for that release
solitary even in your presence
as you leave me stranded
see you later ‘babes’

I guess I lost that one again.


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