Play Pretend

I hate you for what you’ve done to me. What I’ve turned into. This persistence desire. This never ending fire. The withdrawal too painful. An endless torture. Day in. Day out. Morning and night I burn up. I sweat and cry out. Begging for relief that only you can give me. But you left me. I let you leave. Unsatisfied and wanting. Always wondering now babes. As I watch your other takings line up. And the honey words you send their way. You lavish your attention on them now. They are falling at your feet. I would if you asked. I’d do anything you asked. You’ve got a hold on me. Weak. The second Eve. Will I ever be free from your constraints? My heart is crushed and my lungs struggle. The painful breaths I take. The knot in my stomach. The pretend smile and fake laugh. I put on a good face. All down to practice with you. If you clicked your fingers I would come running. Come right back to you. And I would be yours again. In your clutches. Let you play me how you want. Make me sing your name. A prayer on my lips. I’d worship you.


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