Next Victim

Honey, you got me good. So good. Bravo. If only you knew how close you were. You could have had it all. I teetered on the edge and nearly fell into your realm. I think I knew all along. My instincts had been screaming for a while. Fate is a funny thing isn’t it? How it all plays out. Minutes later and we would never have met. You would never have got me alone. Another passing face. Just a pretty boy who sits across the room. Now your the pretty boy who I let go too far.  Silly girl. Stupid girl. What were you thinking? I wasn’t. I’m left on my own. Seeing red. I let you wind me up. The ignoring game has began. While you, with your stretched out feet and roaming eye pick out your next one. Use that sexual humour. Rub it in my face why don’t you? Go twirl that blonde hair round your fingers. Talk to everyone but me. Go text your next victim. I’ll master my poker face. Eventually. Don’t underestimate me boy. You don’t know me. Not really. No more sweetie.


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