Let It Go

I made my mind up when you started to ignore me not got time for that babes I’ll let it go though laugh it off go over my head get some new¬†armour and fix the¬†cracks I’ll be OK whisper it to myself repeat, repeat, repeat an actress in the making finally letting go of you … More Let It Go


You fooled me again babes disappeared, left me waiting for a reply that would never come feeling stupid as I’m left hanging again dangling puppy dog eyes pawing at you notice me please how many mores times? throwing myself and you let me fall every time again and again.  

Honest Eyes

The wine touched my lips poisoned my insides loosened my tongue dirty thoughts unleashed the truth comes out eventually feeling Brave girl? that never ending frenzy until I discover I’m not the only one another notch, another body humiliated at my wrongs the evidence that can never be unseen, need to give you up but … More Honest Eyes

Rabbit Hole

Tripped and stumbled down that hole again into your realm where our hands explore and our bliss is never ending but this time’s different baby, crawled my way out escaped your clutches as I teased and left you wanting it’s killing you it’s killing me grin my cheshire grin don’t lose your head the adventure … More Rabbit Hole