Define Yourself

And sometimes it can be the smallest, most insignificant moment ever when you sit back and realise that your not are happy. You are not happy with the life you are living. It hits you that if you died tomorrow, that you could not truly say ‘Yes, I was happy with the way things were going.’ You realise all the little things that make you unhappy. And yes they are only little things. But they soon add up. Until your a ball of sadness, rolling through the motions. So it’s time to remove those little things. Stop texting and thinking about the fuckboy who is definitely not thinking about you. Who doesn’t drunk text you like you drunk text him. Who ignores your messages and takes hours to respond.

Stop trying to keep friendships alive that died a long time ago. Why are you the one to always message? Why are you always the one to make the effort yet your left hanging? Leave it. Let it die. There are people out there who appreciate you much more. People grow apart and that’s OK. Accept it. No one stays the same. Stop calling those who don’t call you. Stop spending on people who don’t spend on you. You have too much to give and your not getting anything in return.

Stop worrying about what other people think. They are irrelevant to your life. They are just passing by. Let them get on with their own shit. Don’t let their comments and thoughts define you. You define yourself.

Don’t waste your time and effort on these things. You have better things to be doing, and you are worth more. Life is difficult enough without these insignificant and pointless aspects dragging you down.



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