When the message never came, and you never replied. I knew it had all changed. A waste. A waste of my time. I bared my body and my soul. Greedy man gorged on it. Licked, kissed and sucked it all until there was nothing left but the rushing blood in my veins, the erratic heart beat and shallow breaths. Exposed and exhausted. Exhilarated and intoxicated. Quench my thirst again will you? I crave it all again. That tight grip you had. The dominant stance. You took what you wanted. Left me high and dry. Only the sheets have our evidence. The bruises too. Room 220. Room 122. I have to live with this. The mark you have left on me. I’ll never be the same again. Left with longing and regret. I’m split in two. A single tear rolls down my cheek. I’ve never felt so empty.

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