Back and Forth

I do it all on my own now darling. I keep coming back for more and you do not even have to do anything. What’s happened to me? When did I become this crazy, this thirsty, this hungry for that satisfaction? How the roles have changed. Before it was you, now I’m the one always back and forth. Do I do this again?

Your silence helped me make my mind up. I’m done now babes. I sent that message to put things into motion and yet, you always surprise me. It never goes the way I expect and somehow, I’m running back to you again. You don’t give a shit darling. Not about me. You never say no though, but why would you?

Picked a date didn’t we babes? Maybe once more for old times sake. But your silence kills me. I know I’m not the only one. I’m definitely not the first and will not be the last. I’ll wait though. Wait for you to message first for once. If you don’t, then I’ll know. Then maybe I’ll stop this back and forth. And leave for good.

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