Having Faith

After studying English Literature and Creative Writing for three years, you would assume that I am now really confident in my writing abilities. How further from the truth that could be. In my defence, my essay writing has definitely improved however most of the time I avoid writing anything creatively. I feel that side of … More Having Faith

A Blessing and a Curse: The Downfalls of Having Too Much Choice

After finishing my English degree after three years and awaiting to start my post graduate teaching qualification in the Further Education sector, you would think that I had this all planned out. That I had known from a young age that this was what I was going to end up doing. The truth is since school, I’ve … More A Blessing and a Curse: The Downfalls of Having Too Much Choice

It’s official!

Well there you have it, I’m officially an English graduate! These past three years have gone so quick but I can’t believe that I’ve actually done it. My graduation ceremony is not until the beginning of September so I have the rest of the summer break to wait to throw my hat into the air! … More It’s official!

City Break!

So the reason for my lack of posting is because I was finally able to achieve my dream and went to New York for a city break with my mum! Oh my god it was so exciting and amazing, I loved every second of it! The trip was definitely exhausting and we walked for hours … More City Break!


I’ve done it! I’ve finally completed and finished three years at university. Wow! I’m now awaiting my results but in the meantime I’m looking forward to celebrating at my Grad Ball. I’ve also booked a trip to New York which I am very very excited about. Expect a future post on this adventure! I’m not … More Finished!

Passing Semester 1

Hi all! I thought I would update you on how my final year at university is going. Well, with a big smile on my face I can say it’s going pretty well! I’ve recently received my results for my first semester and I’ve passed everything…YAY! For my literature and psychology module I got firsts for … More Passing Semester 1

1 Year Anniversary

A year ago today I started this blog purely because my lecturer in my Creative Writing class asked me to. I never thought that after the module had finished that I would continue to blog and post prose and even poetry. Over that year, 170 fellow bloggers have followed me and even though that doesn’t … More 1 Year Anniversary

Freaking out!

Just had a major freak out. I go back to university to start my third and final year at the end of this month and I feel so unprepared for my upcoming modules! Before i broke up for the summer I had it all planned. I was going to get a good start on my … More Freaking out!