I write you a letter. A letter I will never send you. I give it a title. The story of us. A letter goodbye. But there was never an ‘us’. It’s the ugly truth written down. Purging the hate from my body. It’s taking longer than I expected. Everyday I seem to hate you a little bit … More Therapy


Your my dirty little secret and I know that this is wrong in your presence things get heated but I think you knew all along Your the poison that I can’t stop drinking and everyday I fall a little more When you confess what you’ve been thinking I know that I’m done for.


Hey guys! I finally got my feedback today on my Creative Writing Portfolio and my Literary Linguistics essay. I’m pleased to say I achieved a 2.1 on BOTH assignments. I’m so happy especially about my portfolio and I was massively stressed out and kept redoing all my work. My lecturer liked my sonnet and my … More Feedback!