I write you a letter. A letter I will never send you. I give it a title. The story of us. A letter goodbye. But there was never an ‘us’. It’s the ugly truth written down. Purging the hate from my body. It’s taking longer than I expected. Everyday I seem to hate you a little bit … More Therapy

I’m Done

So it’s all over now babes. We picked that date. One last time. One last go. Then your silence kills it. I get it now my darling. This is the problem. I want it too much. And you don’t want it enough. That kills me. You have killed me. I have never felt so empty. … More I’m Done


A never-ending blank stare the water burns but I feel no pain that smile of yours hurts though a stabbing pain in the chest when I see you with her even though I’m with him ‘I Love You’ is echoed back but I feel nothing. The ‘seen’ notification haunts me the message remains unanswered say … More Disconnected

Define Yourself

And sometimes it can be the smallest, most insignificant moment ever when you sit back and realise that your not are happy. You are not happy with the life you are living. It hits you that if you died tomorrow, that you could not truly say ‘Yes, I was happy with the way things were … More Define Yourself

New Toy

I bet you go home and laugh stupid bitch what a fucking idiot; I agree babes tossed on the scrapheap all used up and as I rot I watch your new toy shiny and untouched turn your head


I hope one day that my stomach won’t flip when you send your smile my way. That my heart will not skip that beat every time I see your face. With every vibration and ping, I’ll stop wishing it was you. Those butterflies in my stomach need to be murdered so that I don’t feel sick every time … More Hope

The Bottom

Oh how the tables have turned my dear, I laugh at all the time I wasted on you all the things I gave of me my smile, my laugh, my kisses and my body I let you use me my darling for your amusement, your pleasure and that attention you so craved, I wanted it … More The Bottom

Real Thing

When you ask me for the ‘real thing’ I become the expert at avoidance You want to charge at me as I tease you with that colour red. There is no price on your offer how can I refuse such a bargain?

All You Never Say

Those words left unspoken. That lingering touch that left those goosebumps and raised hairs on the back of my neck. The anticipation that killed me as my predictions failed. My greatest need dissipated. I was left to wonder how you felt and if only I could look inside your mind would I find the answers I … More All You Never Say