Getting Over You

I think I’m getting over you until I drink too much and I realise I’m staring at a sunset in a foreign country and I start crying from the sadness I feel in the depths of my stomach. I think I’m getting over what we did until I see your online and you ignore me. I … More Getting Over You

I’m Done

So it’s all over now babes. We picked that date. One last time. One last go. Then your silence kills it. I get it now my darling. This is the problem. I want it too much. And you don’t want it enough. That kills me. You have killed me. I have never felt so empty. … More I’m Done


A never-ending blank stare the water burns but I feel no pain that smile of yours hurts though a stabbing pain in the chest when I see you with her even though I’m with him ‘I Love You’ is echoed back but I feel nothing. The ‘seen’ notification haunts me the message remains unanswered say … More Disconnected

And it’s scary…

And it’s scary when the things you said would never happen Happened And it’s scary when you said nothing would ever change Did And it’s scary when you start to ignore me Why? And it’s scary when you lavish your attention elsewhere Replaced And it’s scary when I realise that I was used Lie And … More And it’s scary…

I Want Me

I think that’s the worst thing about it. I lost myself. And when I lost myself I lost it all. You burst into my life and blind sighted me. I was completely shattered. I felt crazy. You made me feel crazy. I didn’t think about anything but you. Couldn’t think about anything but you. Now … More I Want Me


We suddenly got older – but the wisdom teeth never gave us any wisdom and the long lost days of innocent bliss were out of reach, ignorance was a gift that I wasted wistful daydreams of freedom are now faded and worn with the hard smiles and tired eyes I carry on with that path … More Nostalgia

Lines Crossed

The blurry line – crossed it a while back on my struggle, the wild adventure, that crazy situation that I found wrapped up in your words, hands, body cute little package baby, make me blush make me wet we only tell the truth, the honest truth maybe we were too honest when we crossed those lines, … More Lines Crossed

Next Victim

Honey, you got me good. So good. Bravo. If only you knew how close you were. You could have had it all. I teetered on the edge and nearly fell into your realm. I think I knew all along. My instincts had been screaming for a while. Fate is a funny thing isn’t it? How it … More Next Victim

Real Thing

When you ask me for the ‘real thing’ I become the expert at avoidance You want to charge at me as I tease you with that colour red. There is no price on your offer how can I refuse such a bargain?


You said I played you so well I think you play it better. This game for two Where you are the master and I The naive pawn Waiting for the ‘checkmate’. You make your move and I make my own Instant regret at my choice, Unable to stop making it You said I played you … More Checkmate