I purged all that hate for you. All that confusion. Violently pressed keys until the blank document was full. Each word less heavier. Lighter on my shoulders. Shifting that overbearing weight from my heart. Leaving you behind bit by bit. It’s all behind me now. Lost in the past of forbidden memories and regretful choices. … More Lighter


When the message never came, and you never replied. I knew it had all changed. A waste. A waste of my time. I bared my body and my soul. Greedy man gorged on it. Licked, kissed and sucked it all until there was nothing left but the rushing blood in my veins, the erratic heart … More Empty


I hope one day that my stomach won’t flip when you send your smile my way. That my heart will not skip that beat every time I see your face. With every vibration and ping, I’ll stop wishing it was you. Those butterflies in my stomach need to be murdered so that I don’t feel sick every time … More Hope

Next Victim

Honey, you got me good. So good. Bravo. If only you knew how close you were. You could have had it all. I teetered on the edge and nearly fell into your realm. I think I knew all along. My instincts had been screaming for a while. Fate is a funny thing isn’t it? How it … More Next Victim

Play Pretend

I hate you for what you’ve done to me. What I’ve turned into. This persistence desire. This never ending fire. The withdrawal too painful. An endless torture. Day in. Day out. Morning and night I burn up. I sweat and cry out. Begging for relief that only you can give me. But you left me. … More Play Pretend


If you asked me my middle name, I would answer with Regret. But not for what you think. Regret for all the things I’ve done. Yes, of course. Regret for all the things I haven’t done. Definitely. What about all the things I wished I had done? Absolutely. The opportunity has slipped through my fingers. I let … More Regret

Having Faith

After studying English Literature and Creative Writing for three years, you would assume that I am now really confident in my writing abilities. How further from the truth that could be. In my defence, my essay writing has definitely improved however most of the time I avoid writing anything creatively. I feel that side of … More Having Faith


When I handed over my trust, I never thought you would get your knife and stab me in the back, right through my heart. Even though I pulled it out with difficulty, the pain bleeding out of me never seemed to subside. I was left with a scar and when I saw you, the scar … More Backstabber

The Woods

The light that afternoon was bright and glaring. It broke through the crowd of trees and made the water droplets on the autumn leaves glitter. The fallen ones on the lonely path were crisp and dark in decaying colours of brown, the curling of the ends suggesting they had fallen a while ago. The bitter … More The Woods


Inspired by a picture used in The Fantastic seminar. Unedited and done in about 15 minutes so it’s not anything spectacular.  As I continued to watch, I knew my hobby had somehow become my obsession. I had not intended it to end up this way, it just did. I became almost fascinated, it was something new … More Watching