The Worst

I’m sitting on the train. My iPod has died. I need the music to drown out my thoughts. Thoughts that are killing me. Splitting my heart. Shattering it into many pieces. A tear rolls down my cheek. Another. A woman glances over me. Please don’t ask if I’m OK. I don’t deserve the kindness. I’m … More The Worst

Having Faith

After studying English Literature and Creative Writing for three years, you would assume that I am now really confident in my writing abilities. How further from the truth that could be. In my defence, my essay writing has definitely improved however most of the time I avoid writing anything creatively. I feel that side of … More Having Faith

Passing Semester 1

Hi all! I thought I would update you on how my final year at university is going. Well, with a big smile on my face I can say it’s going pretty well! I’ve recently received my results for my first semester and I’ve passed everything…YAY! For my literature and psychology module I got firsts for … More Passing Semester 1


So my deadline to submit my dissertation proposal is June 16th and I still have not made a decision on what I’m going to write 8,000/9,000 words on. I’ve had a couple of vague ideas running around my head but nothing is getting me really excited to start researching it. I’m trying not to get … More Dissertation