The Aftermath

the painful ache in my stomach that sinking heavy heart never ending depths of emptiness makes me fall apart a name I can never forget the haunting pretty smile the warning in my gut ignored why didn’t I run a mile?  


A never-ending blank stare the water burns but I feel no pain that smile of yours hurts though a stabbing pain in the chest when I see you with her even though I’m with him ‘I Love You’ is echoed back but I feel nothing. The ‘seen’ notification haunts me the message remains unanswered say … More Disconnected

And it’s scary…

And it’s scary when the things you said would never happen Happened And it’s scary when you said nothing would ever change Did And it’s scary when you start to ignore me Why? And it’s scary when you lavish your attention elsewhere Replaced And it’s scary when I realise that I was used Lie And … More And it’s scary…

New Toy

I bet you go home and laugh stupid bitch what a fucking idiot; I agree babes tossed on the scrapheap all used up and as I rot I watch your new toy shiny and untouched turn your head


We suddenly got older – but the wisdom teeth never gave us any wisdom and the long lost days of innocent bliss were out of reach, ignorance was a gift that I wasted wistful daydreams of freedom are now faded and worn with the hard smiles and tired eyes I carry on with that path … More Nostalgia


You fooled me again babes disappeared, left me waiting for a reply that would never come feeling stupid as I’m left hanging again dangling puppy dog eyes pawing at you notice me please how many mores times? throwing myself and you let me fall every time again and again.  

Rabbit Hole

Tripped and stumbled down that hole again into your realm where our hands explore and our bliss is never ending but this time’s different baby, crawled my way out escaped your clutches as I teased and left you wanting it’s killing you it’s killing me grin my cheshire grin don’t lose your head the adventure … More Rabbit Hole


We are such fools in lust reliving our moment where temptation overcame reason my rational angel left the building that night where your hands upon my skin set me alight and left me burning aching for you, this endless torture where those lonely nights under the sheets I long for your touch and those mornings where … More Lustful

Game for Two

Round one: I’m armed and ready no armour more solid than mine thrown into the game I no longer want to play, my heavy heart laced with steel and unfinished stitches you leave a space unfilled this distance in physical form I suddenly feel stupid I want my time back ‘babes’ Round two: You aim … More Game for Two

Puppet Master

You kept me hanging on a string pulling and tugging I your puppet, you the puppeteer but I played that part so well no need to pull hard, the naive Pinocchio. Now the fun is all over, your fascination waned and the game is no longer one you want to play with such an old toy, … More Puppet Master