I purged all that hate for you. All that confusion. Violently pressed keys until the blank document was full. Each word less heavier. Lighter on my shoulders. Shifting that overbearing weight from my heart. Leaving you behind bit by bit. It’s all behind me now. Lost in the past of forbidden memories and regretful choices. … More Lighter


I write you a letter. A letter I will never send you. I give it a title. The story of us. A letter goodbye. But there was never an ‘us’. It’s the ugly truth written down. Purging the hate from my body. It’s taking longer than I expected. Everyday I seem to hate you a little bit … More Therapy

The Aftermath

the painful ache in my stomach that sinking heavy heart never ending depths of emptiness makes me fall apart a name I can never forget the haunting pretty smile the warning in my gut ignored why didn’t I run a mile?  

The Worst

I’m sitting on the train. My iPod has died. I need the music to drown out my thoughts. Thoughts that are killing me. Splitting my heart. Shattering it into many pieces. A tear rolls down my cheek. Another. A woman glances over me. Please don’t ask if I’m OK. I don’t deserve the kindness. I’m … More The Worst


When the message never came, and you never replied. I knew it had all changed. A waste. A waste of my time. I bared my body and my soul. Greedy man gorged on it. Licked, kissed and sucked it all until there was nothing left but the rushing blood in my veins, the erratic heart … More Empty

Define Yourself

And sometimes it can be the smallest, most insignificant moment ever when you sit back and realise that your not are happy. You are not happy with the life you are living. It hits you that if you died tomorrow, that you could not truly say ‘Yes, I was happy with the way things were … More Define Yourself

New Toy

I bet you go home and laugh stupid bitch what a fucking idiot; I agree babes tossed on the scrapheap all used up and as I rot I watch your new toy shiny and untouched turn your head

Play Pretend

I hate you for what you’ve done to me. What I’ve turned into. This persistence desire. This never ending fire. The withdrawal too painful. An endless torture. Day in. Day out. Morning and night I burn up. I sweat and cry out. Begging for relief that only you can give me. But you left me. … More Play Pretend


We are such fools in lust reliving our moment where temptation overcame reason my rational angel left the building that night where your hands upon my skin set me alight and left me burning aching for you, this endless torture where those lonely nights under the sheets I long for your touch and those mornings where … More Lustful

Game for Two

Round one: I’m armed and ready no armour more solid than mine thrown into the game I no longer want to play, my heavy heart laced with steel and unfinished stitches you leave a space unfilled this distance in physical form I suddenly feel stupid I want my time back ‘babes’ Round two: You aim … More Game for Two